ISO 9001

EFR assures the client successful completion of the project (development, implementation and achieving certification to ISO9001:2000), in the most effective, economic and timely manner when all relevant considerations and constraints are taken into account.

EFR will provide qualified expertise knowledge & experience in ISO9001:2000 development and implementation combined with the appropriate levels of practical support and training that will significantly contribute towards achieving the overall objective.

EFR would propose undertaking ISO9001:2000 implementation in four distinct phases which will include on-site and off-site work.

Phase 1 : Initial Assessment and Strategic Planning
Gap analysis
1 day ( Awareness & Understanding of ISO9001:2000 requirement).




Project Implementation plan



Understanding and Awareness for project team



Setting up the KPI (Quality Objectives)

Phase 2 : Design and Development
Documentation design and development
(Manual and Procedures and other related documentation)




System documentation



Understanding and documentation of core tools

Phase 3 : Implementation
Implementation Planning / Procedure Testing
* 1 days Process Approach Internal Auditing Training
Internal Audit and Management Review Support




System documentation walk through sessions to ensure ownership and implementation of the system



Guidance on the first cycle of Internal Quality Audit and Management Review

NB : *Certificate of Attendance will be provided.

Phase 4 : Post project support
Corrective Action Support
Certification Assistant


We are specially offering your esteem organization the total packages, which include the following benefits:

Guarantee certified Scheme

Competitive cost with Lump sum payment with no hidden cost
Assisted by professional and experience consultant, that develop over 50 organization towards ISO9001.2000 quality management system.

Quick integration system to integrate with other management system i.e. ISO14001, OHSAS18001 etc.

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