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With a warm welcomes, it is our pleasure to share the knowledge with you.

EFR was founded by renowned consultant Mr. Edly Ferdin Ramly which conducted various high impact, quality, productivity, occupational health and safety and environmental training and consultation for various organization. EFR management consultant offers expert resources for quality & productivity improvement through training, consultancy, publication and audio video production. Currently, the focus of EFR in consultancy and training while the research for publications and audio video productions are still ongoing.

EFR offers a wide selection of comprehensive courses and training solutions to support continual improvement in productivity and quality that impact on business performance included customized course to


suit your esteem organization needs. EFR also work closely with local universities, National Productivity Corporation and other major education and training provider to enhance the knowledge provide to you. Courses are designed to be stimulating and enjoyable, and we hope that this course meets with your expectations.

For consultancy, EFR provide the most efficient way to certify to various management system certification i.e. ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS. EFR also work as associate for many other organizations and EFR also work closely with major certification body.

In Malaysia EFR shared best practice and EFR understand the local culture very well and all the EFR services are adaptable to local customer needs, cultures and customs. EFR look forward to share the world class best practice with you.
If you do have any comments, suggestions for improvement or criticisms, then please raise to us by contacting us via email enquiries@efrmanagement.com or fax to 07-5987331.

Enjoyed and Excel with us.


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