About EFR

EFR Vision
Main worldwide resources for quality and productivity excellence

EFR Mission
Provision of forward world class knowledge through excellence trainings,
seminar, consultancy, publication and audio visual production

EFR Quality Policy
Customer Satisfaction & Continual Improve
Personalized services
On-time provision
Practical & Effective
Simple & Efficient

EFR Approach
Practical, simple, interesting, entertaining
Customer-focused, tailor-made
Effective training & consultancy follow-up

EFR Consultant
Established since 2006
Registered with Ministry of Finance
Diversified experience
Experience Malaysian team of more than 15 years

EFR Research/Development
Collaboration with UTM, NPC, MOSTI, MOU
General publication
Continuous R&D

EFR Past Experience
MNC and local clients
Niche: ISO/TS programs, quality/productivity improvement,
Customer Service excellence and soft skills programs

EFR business framework

EFR Business Framework

EFR Methodology

EFR Methodology

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